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Injury Information for Coaches

General Injury Information for Coaches 

(The following is informational only and NOT considered Medical Advice)

The first line of defense in the treatment of athletic injuries is to prevent them. This is accomplished by a well planned program, competition among athletes with equal ability and size, proper warmup and adherence to the Laws of The Game. Other factors that can lead to the prevention of injures:

  • Proper use of equipment (shin guards, no jewelry, uniforms designed for climate)
  • Continuous upkeep of the playing surfaces. (Coaches should notify the Eboard with any unsafe field conditions immediately)
  • Proper fitting shoes, proper type of shoe for surface.
  • Ample water supply and breaks to rest players.
  • Avoid scheduling training during the hottest periods of the day and when there is intense humidity.
  • Full rehabilitation of initial injury prior to returning to play. 
  • US Youth Soccer - Injury Prevention and Care

ALL COACHES MUST HAVE A FIRST AID KIT AND ICE PACKS WITH THEM AT EVERY GAME AND PRACTICE! If you need additional items, please contact the equipment manager immediately.

Who do I contact if an injury occurs?

Although we do our best to prevent injuries they do happen. Most injuries that occur are minor and are treated with normal first aid (i.e. cuts, bruises) or an ice pack. But, there are cases where an injury may need more attention, or what seemed benign with first aid turned out to be more than that.

For these instances injuries have to be properly reported. Follow the guidance listed below.

  • Parents not in attendance must be notified immediately of injuries.
  • A reportable injury is one that occurs if attention is required by a HCP. This would include professional concussion evaluations. Injuries such as minor cuts, bumps, bruises are not reportable unless professional medical attention is necessary even after the moment of the event. Report injuries to:
  • When a reportable injury occurs the Verification of Insurance Eligibility form must be filled out by a parent or member of CSC (i.e. coach, coordinator, etc.). This form is given to the CSC president to sign.
  • The coach must also follow up with a phone call or email to the parents regarding the injury.  

Parent's primary insurance is to be used for all medical expenses. But, they may submit claims for supplemental insurance by submitting a Pullen claim form.

  • Section I and II of the Pullen claim for must be filled out by the parent and then section III signed by someone who witnessed the event or by a CSC member who is familiar with the details of the event. CSC does not need section III and CSC does NOT file this form.
  • The remainder of the Pullen form is filled out by the parent and both pages submitted by the parent should they wish to file a claim for supplemental insurance.

What coverage is available for Coaches and Players?

Coverage information is available here:

**Players returning from serious injuries or those with braces, casts, etc. are required to provide medical clearance to CSC.  The referee will inspect casts, braces, etc. and determine if they are safe to play.**

Additional Reference Materials:

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