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The following informational packet will provide you an overview of the CSC Recreational Soccer Program. Additional information can be found on

CSC Recreational Program Mission Statement -To provide each player the

opportunity to play soccer in a supportive and rewarding environment that emphasizes fun,

enjoyment and skill learning, through equal participation; regardless of ability.

Recreational Program Oversight: The coordination, organization and operation of

the recreational program is conducted by the Vice President and Division Coordinators.

Divisions - Typically consist of seven (7) divisions based upon aggregate registrations per

grade level:

o Pre-K

o Kindergarten

o 1st Grade

o 2nd Grade

o 3rd / 4th Grade

o 5th / 6th Grade

o 7up

Divisions may differ based upon the number of registrations received for any specific

grade level.

Divisional Coordinators – The divisional coordinators are responsible for the daily

oversight and communication within their assigned division. They will partner with the VP

of Rec, Director of Coaching and Website Coordinator in sourcing for coaches, distributing

equipment and uniforms, scheduling and club communications.

Coaches – Every team shall be supervised by one (1) Head Coach and no more than

three (3) Assistant Coaches, all of which are approved by E-Board or designated

committee or coordinator.

- Recreational coaches shall possess reasonable soccer knowledge

commensurate with the

position. However, CSC will provide in-house or industry training and tools

when necessary.

- The Head coach will be responsible for all actions of their players, team

parents and coaches

within their control.

- Coaches are encouraged to attend CSC endorsed coaches training sessions.

- Coaches shall maintain an environment that is safe, fun and structured to develop the desire to

improve skills, good sportsmanship and the love of the game.

- All Coaches are required to complete a full background check before consideration.

League Division:

CSC encourages all players to play at School GRADE LEVEL and may combine age

groups as needed. Players must turn four (4) by 12/31/2018 to be eligible for the

2018-2019 Pre-K program.

Teams and Roster Sizes:

- All Recreational teams are co-ed.

- The number of teams and roster sizes are determined by the number of players that are

registered in each age group.

Can a player play Rec and Travel? Yes. However, the travel commitment may

interfere with many of the recreational activities.

Playing Time – All players will receive equal playing times (to the best of the Coach’s ability).

Team Selection - The Division Coordinator, and the coaches work together to ensure

teams are as balanced as possible. There are no try-outs for recreational teams.

Announcement of Rosters

Players will receive individual notifications via email and/or telephone from their Head Coach,

typically in late June or early July.

Program Descriptions

Note: CSC follows the guidelines set forth by US Soccer as accepted through Connecticut Junior Soccer

Association (CJSA). This also pertains to any potential field size changes accompanying small sided

squads based on age divisions, whether they be 4 v 4, 6 v 6, 8 v 8, 9 v 9 or eventually 11 v 11.

1. Pre-K – Fun non-competitive introduction to the game of soccer. Parent involvement with

the players is key and expected. Weekly Saturday morning hourly sessions.

2. Kindergarten – Fun non-competitive follow-up to Pre-K with weekly Saturday morning

soccer ‘games’ used to foster introductory skill. Parent involvement is paramount, just as it is

in Pre-K program.

3. 1st Grade - Fun non-competitive learning with weekly Saturday morning sessions as follows:

30 minutes of instructor based skill teaching followed by 30 minute games (with no goalies) on

designated teams with first exposure to a Head Coach and assigned teams/teammates.

4. 2nd Grade - Fun continuation of skills learned in previous grades. Head Coach & Assistant

Coaches run practices and manage games. 7 v 7 games on Saturday mornings with first

exposure to goalies. One weeknight practice, typically between 60-90 minutes. This is the

first age where players are eligible to try-out for Travel Team (U-9).

5. 3rd / 4th Grade – Fun continuation of skills learned in previous grades. Head Coach &

Assistant Coaches run practices and manage games. 7 v 7 games on Saturday mornings with

goalies. Players begin to manage this smaller-size field more effectively at this age. One

weeknight practice, typically between 60-90 minutes.

6. 5th / 6th Grade – Skills becoming more advanced and team tactics & field spacing become

more prominent with move to larger full-sized field. Head Coaches manage one weeknight

practice per team (typically 60-90 minutes) with weekly Saturday games. 9 v 9 with goalies

7. 7up – Middle School & High School ages combined for fun non-competitive weekend games

with one weeknight practice per team. Head Coaches continue to work on more advanced

skills and team tactics. Head Coaches manage one weeknight practice per team (typically 60-

90 minutes) with weekly Saturday games. 11 v 11 on full-size field with goalies.

NEW Heading & Concussion Protocol:

CJSA has adopted the US Soccer and US Youth Soccer recommendations regarding heading

and the protocol for suspected concussions. Compliance is mandatory for all CJSA members

for all activities where CJSA insurance applies effective April 1, 2016.

What does this mean for CSC?

Players who are 10 and younger:

CSC Pre-K, K, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd/4th Grade and 5th/6th Grade Rec Divisions

may not deliberately head the ball, regardless of the age group of the team they are playing

on. This includes all activities where CJSA insurance applies, such as practices, scrimmages,

and competitions at all levels.

This restriction will be enforced by award of an indirect free kick for the opposing team.

Players who are 11-13:

CSC 7UP Rec Division is restricted to up to 30 minutes of practice heading the ball per

week. There is no restriction on the number of times these players can head the ball in a


Concussion Protocol:

Any player who sustains a significant blow to the head or body, who complains about

or is exhibiting symptoms consistent with having suffered a concussion or is otherwise

suspected of having sustained a concussion, must be removed from play and evaluated by an

Health Care Professional (HCP) before the player will be allowed to return to practice or play.

No coach shall permit a player who has been removed from a game for a concussion

assessment to return to play until cleared to do so by an HCP.

If a coach seeks to allow a player to re-enter a game who has been removed from a

game for a concussion assessment and who has not been cleared to return to play by the onsite

HCP, the referee shall issue a warning to the coach. If a coach persists in seeking to allow

such player to re-enter the game after having been issued a warning, the referee may take

other disciplinary measures against the coach as are permitted under the rules applicable to

the competition.

Unless an HCP determined that the player has not suffered a concussion and clears

the player to return to play, the player will not be permitted to return to practice or play until

the player has successfully completed the return to play protocol and has been cleared to

return to play by a Physician.

Definition of Health Care Professional - Health Care Professional (HCP) are licensed

professionals such as an Athletic Trainer Certified (ATC) or Physician (MD/DO), with skills in

emergency care, sports medicine injuries and experience related to concussion evaluation and


CJSA also requires that Parents acknowledge that they read and understand the

CJSA Player/Parent Concussion Awareness Form. No player will be allowed

to participate in any CSC activity (including tryouts) until the Form is acknowledged

on the CSC site during Registration.

Uniforms / Equipment - Recreational players will receive a new uniform each year.

 The CSC uniform kit will vary by age group

o Pre-K and Kindergarten will receive a jersey only

o 1st grade and up will receive a team jersey, shorts, and a pair of socks

 ALL players are required to wear shin guards

o CSC provides shin guards for the Pre-K and K programs for those who do not want to

purchase their own

o Shin guards must be worn UNDER the socks

 Soccer cleats are not required but are recommended. No other type of cleats are permissible at

practices or games. Otherwise, sneakers are acceptable.

 Jewelry is not allowed under any circumstances.

o Taping of earrings is NOT allowed.

o Rubber bracelets are NOT allowed.

o Medical alert bracelets may be taped or wrapped to not injure the player or others.

 CSC provides coaches equipment to run practices which includes appropriately sized soccer

balls. Players are encouraged to, but are not required to, bring their own balls.

o Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade – Size 3 ball

o 2nd Grade through 6th Grade – Size 4 ball

o 7-up – Size 5 ball

CSC Recreational Soccer Fees

 The 2018 Recreational fees will be listed on the CSC website.

 A five dollar ($5.00) discount is available for each additional child.

 A ten dollar ($10.00) surcharge for Parks & Recreation is added to the cost

Fees include: CJSA registration, age-appropriate uniform, insurance, referees, lights,

equipment, awards and shared club operating costs (i.e. nets, field paint and maintenance


Financial Assistance

Financial assistance may be requested confidentially by applying for financial aid on the web site. The

Treasurer will work with you to determine eligibility. Assistance is limited to the registration fees and not


High School Players

If your child plays for a Connecticut High School, eligibility to play Recreational soccer for Colchester Soccer

Club can be found at this link:

You may be asked to provide eligibility proof in order for your child to participate.

Professional Trainers (UK International):

CSC has contracted with UK International to aide in player & coaching development.

The CSC Rec program will have a dedicated UK International coach that is available

throughout the entire season for practice sessions, practice planning, development

planning and general advisory role.

UK International may also hold clinics at no additional cost that focus on specific skills

such as goal keeping and dribbling.


Depending upon availability and interest, some Recreational teams may

participate in a Recreational tournament. Additional fees may apply.


SoccerFest is a two-day travel soccer tournament held at the Colchester Recreational

Complex and the local Schools that brings in travel teams across the Northeast states.

SoccerFest is the Colchester Soccer Club’s ONLY fundraiser of the year and requires

support and volunteers from both the Recreational and Travel programs. Proceeds

from the tournament go towards the ENTIRE CSC Soccer Program. SoccerFest will be

held on 11/3/2018 – 11/4/2018.

Spring Soccer

Due to limited field space in the town of Colchester, CSC does not offer a spring recreational program.

Silent Sidelines

Each Fall, CJSA sponsors a statewide Silent Sidelines weekend. Coaches will be permitted

to give players direction from the sidelines. Spectators will be directed to refrain from

making any comments to players, coaches or referees, but will be permitted to applaud

efforts by players. The Fall “Silent Sideline” weekend is typically observed on the third

weekend in October.


CSC is run entirely by volunteers. From time to time, you will be asked to help

with various tasks. If asked, we expect you to do your part to ensure that we are able

to give your child the very best experience possible. Unlike many other

soccer clubs, CSC has decided to not utilize paid vendors or

attached bonds to volunteer tasks.

Required Documents – The following is a list of required documents for player participation:

1. CSC Medical Release - Part of the registration form and can be completed electronically.

2. Copy of the player’s birth certificate (first year players only)

3. CSC Code of Conduct form – The Code of Conduct must be

completed by ALL parents/guardians, players and coaches

prior to the 1st game.

4. Background Check – Completed by Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team

Managers and any parent that assists with on-field activities (Must be

completed once every three years). The background checks are administered

through CJSA. To complete a background check, go to the member services tab

on, then select risk management. Click on the link to the background

check and enter the requested information.

Communication – CSC communicates almost exclusively through email. A listing of contact

information is available on Most coaches will also communicate via

email or text. Additional club information can also be found on the CSC Facebook or Twitter


Small Sided Soccer – CSC has adopted the US Soccer concept of small sided soccer and is

implementing this throughout our program.

- What is small sided? These are soccer games with fewer players

competing on a smaller sized field in practice and possibly game settings.

These are fun games that involve the players more because fewer players

are sharing one ball.

- Why is small sided so important?

o Players touch the soccer ball more often and become more

skillful with it! (Individual technical development)

o Players learn to make more, less-complicated decisions

during the game! (Tactical development)

o Players are more physically efficient in the field space they

are playing in! (Reduced field size)

o Players will have more individual teaching time with the

coach! Fewer players on the field and fewer players on

the team will guarantee this!

o Players have more, involved playing time in the game!

(More opportunity to solve problems that only the game


o Players have more opportunity to play on both sides of

the ball! (More exposure to attacking and defending


o Players have more opportunities to score goals! (Pure excitement)

The "Small-Sided" environment is a developmentally appropriate

environment for our young soccer players. It’s a FUN environment that

focuses on the young soccer player.

Time Frames / Commitments (All Event dates / times can be found on the CSC website)

1. Registration – April through May 31st

a. Late Registration: Any registrations received on or after June 1

2. Team Placement – June / July

3. Team Practices - Practices begin approximately the second week of August.

Practices will be held once a week for approximately 60-90 minutes each


o Practice dates / times are based upon field availability and coach requests.

4. Games – Begin each weekend in late August and run through

the end of October. No games will be held on the weekend of

the Colchester ’57 Fest’ Celebration.

5. Photo Day – Late September.

6. CSC Awards Night – Held at the end of the season in Mid-November.

7. CSC Meetings – Executive Board Meetings are held monthly and ALL are

welcome. A list of dates / times is available on the CSC website. Meetings are

typically held the 2nd Tuesday of each Month at the Colchester Town Hall.

8. Field Closure/Announcements:

a. Fall Season: The town dictates field openings/closings based on

weather, field drainage, etc. The town will announce field closures by

3:00 pm on weekdays


ndex). After 3:00 pm on weekdays and on weekends, teams will be

informed of any closures, by their coaches and/or emails notification

from our Club. Field closures will be also be listed on our Club website


Please remember some valuable points:

1. Why do Children PLAY soccer?

o Have Fun

o Be with their friends / make new ones

o Improve / learn

o Be part of a team

o Wear the gear!

2. Why do Children QUIT soccer?

o Criticism / Yelling

o No playing time

o Over-emphasis on winning

o Poor communication

o Fear of making mistakes

o Boredom / Not learning

** CSC will focus on FUN as it is critical for the kids to enjoy the game they are playing! However,

development is a necessary element to support FUN, without it training and games become stale,

because there is no improvement.

** Please work with the Executive Board and coaches to ensure every player has FUN and wants to

return the following year. We measure our success based upon the number of returning players and

your feedback, so do not hesitate to provide your thoughts to us!


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- Connecticut Junior Soccer Association:

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