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CSC Recreational League Rules

All Colchester Soccer Club ("CSC") Recreational divisions will follow the standard "FIFA Laws of the game" with the following exceptions.

Law 1 - The Field of Play

1.1 Dimensions: o 1st grade and younger will use R4 (when necessary) o 2nd, 3rd, & 4th grades will play games on R3, R5A & R5B – (approximately 200 x 120 feet) o 5/6 grade will play on R6 – (full size field) o 7up divisions will play on R6 – (full size field)

1.2 Goals: o 1st grade and below will use ‘Pug’ goals. o 2nd, 3rd & 4th grades will use goals that are 6 feet by 18 feet o 5/6th & 7up divisions will use full size goals

1.3 Team bench Area: o Only players and coaches shall be allowed in the team bench area. Spectators shall sit on the opposite side from the teams. Spectators are NOT allowed behind the goals. o Team areas: • R3 – on the side opposite the dugouts. • R5A & R5B – Between the 2 fields • R6 – on the side opposite the road. • WJJS – On the touchline near the ropes course. o Coaches are not allowed on the field of PLAY during a game. o For the 2nd grade and younger– coaches are allowed behind the goal as well as the team bench area.

Law 2 - The Ball

• 2.1 Approved Ball Specifications: o 1st grade and younger will use a size 3 ball. o 2nd through 6th grade will use a size 4 ball. 7up will use a size 5 ball.

Law 3 - Number of Players

3.1 Teams: o 1st grade and younger will play small sided games without a goalkeeper. o 2nd through 4th grade will play 8 v 8 (including goal keeper) o 5/6th & 7up will play 11 v 11. o Please note: • The number of players on the field at any given time can be modified if one or both teams do not have enough players or injuries occur. If a team has all its players, and the other is short, both teams should agree to share players so the teams are balanced.

3.2 Unlimited Substitutions: o During the game, unlimited substitutions are permitted at any play stoppage provided that the referee waves on the players. Please hold all players until the referee waves them on. All players should enter from mid-field.

3.3 Injuries: o If a coach is brought onto the field for an injury, the injured player must leave the field and a substitute must be brought on. No exceptions.

Law 4 - Players’ Equipment

4.1 Equipment: o Shin guards must be covered by socks.

4.2 Footwear: o A player’s footwear must be soccer style cleats or sneakers. o Baseball or football cleats are not allowed. o Metal cleats are not allowed.

• 4.3 Jewelry: o Jewelry is not allowed under any circumstances. o Taping of earrings is NOT allowed. o Rubber bracelets are NOT allowed. o Medical alert bracelets may be taped or wrapped to not injure the player or others.

Law 5 - Referees

5.1 Referees’ Authority: o A diagonal system employing one Referee is used. o The Referee’s authority begins when they enter the field of play. o The Referee is responsible for the keeping of time.

Law 6 - Assistant Referee

6.1 AR: o An assistant referee may be used at some 7up games for training purposes.

Law 7 - Duration of the Game

7.1 Duration: o 1st grade and younger shall be determined by the coach(s). o 2nd through 7Up division : The duration of a regulation game shall be two (2) halves of twenty-five (25) minutes each for a total of fifty (50) minutes. o Play Extension: Play shall be extended to permit the taking of a penalty kick if an infraction occurred immediately prior to the expiration of time. There shall be no Over-Time periods. o All games must end at their scheduled time regardless of injury or any stoppage time. 7.2 Intervals between Halves: o A two (2) minute half-time is provided.

Law 8 - The Start of Play

8.1 Kick-off: o There will be no coin toss prior to the game. o Teams will start the game on the side of the field where their bench area is located. o The team on the left side of the field (as determined from the bench) will have the ball to begin the game. o Teams will swap sides for the 2nd half. o The team that did not kick off to start the game will kick off to start the second half.

Law 9 - Ball In and Out of Play

No Changes

Law 10 - Method of Scoring

No Changes

Law 11 - Offside

11.1 Enforcement: o 1st grade and younger – there is no off-sides o 2nd, 3rd, & 4th grade – there is no off-sides. • Players are not allowed to "hang" in an off-sides position in their opponent’s 1/2 of the field. o 5th/6th grade – Off-sides will be called if a player is in excess of 5 yards off-sides. o 7up: • Normal FIFA rules apply.

Law 12 - Fouls / Misconduct

12.1 Fouls: o A player who intentionally commits any of the law 12 listed offenses shall be penalized by the Referee awarding a free kick to the opposing team. The kick is taken from the point of the infraction (subject to the exclusions in Law 8, 9, 11, 12). o For ALL divisions (INCLUDING the 7up division) there will be no Slide tackling. An indirect free kick is awarded against the offending team. 12.2 Goalies: o The referee will stop play if they feel that a goalieis in danger of injury (on the ground in penalty box). Restart will be an indirect free kick for the goalies team. 12.3 Misconduct: o If a player is removed from a game for misconduct, he/she will not be allowed to play in the next two (2) halves for their team. (This penalty will carry over to the next game if the penalty occurs in the second half). Their team is penalized by having to play with one (1) less player for the remainder of the half during which he/she was ejected. (This portion of the penalty will not carry over to the next game) o The referee must give a verbal report of the incident to the CSC Divisional Coordinator and referee assignor within 24 hours of the incident.

Law 13 - Free Kicks

13.1 Free Kick Regulations: o When play has been stopped for a foul or other infraction, play shall be restarted with a "free" kick taken by a player of the opposing team. o When a free kick is being taken, all the opposing players shall be at least: • 2nd, 3rd, & 4th grades – players shall be 6 yards from the ball. • 5/6 division - players shall be 8 yards from the ball. • 7up division – players shall be 10 yards from the ball.

Law 14 - Penalty Kick

14.1 Location: o All Penalty kicks will be taken from the penalty mark. o The mark is: • 2nd, 3rd, & 4th grades – 8 yards from the goal • 5/6 grade - 10 yards from the goal. • 7up – 12 yards from the goal.

Law 15 - The Throw-in

15.1 Retakes o 2nd Grade division is allowed to retake throws – the referee will instruct the thrower on how to do a proper throw-in. o 3rd/4th Grade – 1 retake is allowed - the referee will instruct the thrower on how to do a proper throw-in. o 5th/6th & 7-Up Divisions - Normal FIFA rules apply.

Law 16 - The Goal Kick

No Changes

Law 17 - The Corner Kick

No Changes

Addendum 1 - Sportsmanship:

• "Trash Talking" / Foul language. o The intent of these rules is to eliminate player to player "trash talking" and foul language that may occur during some games. o "Trash Talking" includes, but is not limited to, any comments that the referee feels are inappropriate or considered ‘bullying’ to another player, parent, coach or spectator or . o This rule will be administered as follows: • For the first offense – the referee will warn the player and the coach. • For the second offense – the referee will administer a yellow card and the player will sit out the remainder of the game. • The referee has the discretion to administer a red card and eject the player depending upon the seriousness of the behavior. The referee must give a verbal report of the incident to the CSC Divisional Coordinator and Referee Assignor within 24 hours of the incident. o Any dissent by word or action that is directed at the referee will be sanctioned under FIFA rules AND the player/coach will be ejected from the game without warning.

Conduct: o Coaches are completely responsible for the conduct of their players at all times. o Players and coaches must follow CSC’s Code of Conduct and treat players, coaches and spectators respectfully. o The referee has the authority to issue warnings and can eject a coach or player whose conduct on the sideline has become un-sportsmanlike. o The coach is also responsible for the conduct of the players’ parents.

• Unruly parent conduct will result in the verbal warning to the coach followed by a second verbal warning if it persists. IF the conduct continues after a second warning, the game will be suspended. The referee must give a verbal report of the incident to the CSC Divisional Coordinator and Referee Assignor within 24 hours of the incident.

Addendum 2 – Indoor Exceptions:

All players must wear rubber sole sneakers or indoor soccer shoes. (No cleats)

After the ball has been handled by the goalie, the ball must touch the ground or a player when kicked or thrown before crossing mid-court. This includes all goal kicks, whether taken by the goalkeeper or other field player. The ball CAN cross midfield, just not "on the fly". Again, the ball must touch the ground/floor or field player at least once before crossing mid-court/mid-field.

No goal can be scored from a shot taken over mid-court.

Penalty kicks are awarded for a hand ball within the "three point" arc surrounding the goal. o Penalty kicks are taken from the top of the "three point" arc. o All players (except goalie and kicker) must be on the opposite side of the mid-court line.

The ball is considered out if it goes; o Behind the goal o Into the stands o Hits the wall or ceiling above the blue padding

There are NO Throw-ins. All restarts are done with either a direct or In-direct free kick.

• There are NO corner kicks.

• The ball must be kicked forward to start the game. o A goal cannot be scored directly on a kickoff without touching another player.

• Substituting players "on the fly" is allowed as long as the new player DOES NOT enter the field UNTIL the substituted player has left the field. o If coaches and players do not adhere to the substitution procedures, the referee can inform both coaches that all substitutions will only be allowed during game stoppage with the referee’s permission.

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