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 Mon 11/04/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
TBD, Other 7:00p 8:30p  >Travel>Girls > U14 - Cobras Game East Lyme CONFIRMED - R8  PG 
 Tue 11/05/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
R2-B 6:00p 8:00p PP >Travel>Girls > U10 - Chargers Game Old Saybrook Fields closed, trying for thursday instead   PA 
 Wed 11/06/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
East Lyme, East Lyme - Bridebrook  6:00p 7:30p  >Travel>Boys> U14 - United Game East Lyme   NC 
 Thu 11/07/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
R2-A 5:30p 6:30p  >Travel>Boys> U10 - Storm Gold Game Waterford Hoping the weather will hold out to get this game in!  DH 
6:30p 8:00p PP >Travel>Girls > U10 - Chargers Game  Damn rain. Trying to reschedule for saturday. Might not happen.  PA 
R3 5:30p 7:00p  >Travel>Boys> U13 - Comets Practice  Outdoor Practice! Weekend Game Prep  GH 
 Sat 11/09/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
R2-A 11:00a 12:00p  >Travel>Boys> U10 - Storm Gold Practice  Quick Fun Practice before the Gold Game on Saturday  AP 
12:00p 1:00p  >Travel>Boys> U10 - Storm Gold Game East Lyme   AP 
R2-B 3:00p 4:00p PP >Travel>Girls > U10 - Chargers Game Old saybrook Arrive at 230pm  PA 
Ledyard, Colonel Ledyard Park 5:00p 6:30p  >Travel>Girls > U14 - Cobras Game Ledyard 4:30 Warmup. https://goo.gl/maps/xMocksBqGbN2  PG 
Stonington, Stonington High School 7:30p 9:00p  >Travel>Girls > U14 - Cobras Game  Turf field  PG 
TBD, TBD 12:00p 1:00p  >Travel>Boys> U-10 Storm Silver Practice  Quick Fun Practice before the Gold Game on Saturday  AP 
2:00p 3:30p  >Travel>Boys> U13 - Comets Game Valley Loc: John Winthrop MS 1 Winthrop Rd, Deep River, CT   GH